With more than 20 years of experience, CloudSpark’s Jenny Schmitt is an award-winning speaker at communications and digital conferences and companies around the country. Using wit, wisdom, and an energetic style of presenting, she delivers a meaningful and memorable workshop, presentation or conference keynote.

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Jenny is a leading expert on generational psychographics – think, “Managing Millennials,” “The GenX Leader,” “The Millennial Mindset,” or “Boomer, Xer, Milllennial Teams.” Sharing the formation and the implications of the generational lens, Jenny is able to inform and inspire audiences to better understand those they’re working with and those they’re trying to reach. Backed by data and research, Jenny helps you delve deeper than demographics to truly understand the values, attitudes, behaviors and beliefs of your internal or external audiences. This is Jenny’s most frequently requested keynote and training. 

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Too often the headlines for strategy lead to nothing more than tactics and too often so-called strategists can’t even define strategy. Why is strategy so difficult and why is it such a challenge to get right? The first step to any successful communications or marketing program – traditional, digital, mobile or social – is to set the strategy. Jenny offers a practical three-step approach to defining a strategy that allows a brand to be nimble and flexible to realities, yet focused on the stated goals.

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Consumer Trends

Layering data from reputable sources, Jenny identifies the emerging and forthcoming trends most likely to impact your business along with actions you can take to gain the competitive advantage.

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Social Trends

With the ever-shifting landscape of the social spheres, where networks are as innovative as people, Jenny gleans data from social media companies, third-party sources and the social sciences, to bring the most relevant trends to light.

Having spoken at more than a hundred conferences and companies, Jenny is frequently the top-rated speaker and commonly invited to return to present again. In addition to the above topics, Jenny can create a custom presentation for you, feel free to send her an email today.


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When you need more than a briefing at a networking event, when your team wants a more in-depth learning than a 40-minute presentation can provide, when you need the time to develop an understanding that goes beyond the headlines, we can design a half-day to multi-day workshop to meet your needs.  CloudSpark’s Jenny Schmitt is a proven trainer and top-rated speaker who trained professionals for the federal and state government, for startups, for Fortune 500 clients and others. Grounded in research, each highly-interactive workshop is built to meet you and your team where you currently are and where you want to go. Whether it’s a workshop on marketing trends, digital communications, psychographics, or integrated marketing, let us be of help to you.

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Want to get a better idea for our workshops? Here are a couple of workshops delivered recently – both focused on the multi-generational issues. 


Generations at Work

With four generations now in the workforce – Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials – organizations are challenged to help teams better understand each other and work to each other’s advantages. With increasing job shifts and changes, retaining talent at every level and position opens up competitive advantages for longer-term success. A recognized expert on generational issues, CloudSpark’s Jenny Schmitt brings research-based wit, wisdom, and actionable information to implement now.

As of 2015, Gen X and Millennials – who hold many nontraditional work expectations – now make up a majority of the U.S. workforce.

– U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 


Managing Millennials

Get beyond the Buzzfeed headlines and Mashable’s top tips, and gain the insights you need to better recruit, retain, and engage the largest generation in U.S. history. Millennials, often incorrectly called Generation Y, are the most diverse, most educated, and most technologically adept generation in our history. In this fast-paced workshop, you and your team will gain insights into the values, attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs of this oft-misunderstood, multitalented generation.


Speaking Requests

The earlier you can reach out for your speaking request, the better. Jenny’s calendar for speaking opportunities fills up months in advance with the Spring and Fall conference seasons filling quickly. Gather the details – date, time, audience, goal for the presentation – and email her today jschmitt@cloudspark.com or simply connect through the Contact page.

To make it official, speaking engagements typically require three things: a speaking fee, coverage of travel expenses, and a signed speaker agreement.