Sometimes what you need is an outsider’s insight to move you forward or to help you and your team get unstuck. CloudSpark works with a wide range of organizations – from start-ups to Fortune 500 clients – to provide an objective perspective and deliver actionable insights. By listening and learning about your organization’s needs, we work with your current strengths and resources to find the most direct path to move you forward. 

You’ve got an organizational need and we’ve got a way to help you, your team, your brand, and your bottom line. Connect with us today.

Momentum requires an object to first be in motion.

- Newton



Smart strategy requires an understanding of your market, your audience and your aspirations. Building the right strategy requires making a series of choices about what you're going to do – and what you're not going to do – as you execute the tactics to your plans. Lots of folks offer strategy and deliver tactics. With proven expertise, we partner with you to create a lasting, viable and effective strategy to get you where you want to be.

As a team, our efforts are based on the theory of Integrated Marketing Communications. Our partnership ensures the seamless integration of communications, both strategy and tactics, into your marketing mix. 

In today’s environment, effective marketing requires the right product with the right messages delivered in the right channels at the right time. Miss one of those, and say hello to the netherworld of failed products and services.

– Jenny Schmitt 




Managing your image – and your reputation – can play a crucial role in your brand’s success or failure. CloudSpark knows how to spotlight your organization and communicate why you’re unique among the field. Employing a range of tactics with your unique voice, we help you gain a competitive advantage by communicating with credibility, reach and resonance. Most importantly, we deliver the right messages to the right audiences at the right time with results you can measure.

From punchy press releases to persuasive op-eds, from fascinating feature articles to scintillating copy for communications, we make a clear and meaningful message that resonates with the right audience. Before we write a word, we get to the heart of your product, service or message, identifying its most compelling aspects; only then do we develop a meaningful and memorable story. We then share your story in the best channels to create measureable results. After all, you only have so many resources so there’s no use in tactics that lead you astray.

Clarity, consistency and creativity are the hallmarks of truly effective communications.

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Digital Marketing and Communications

Customers seek you out at all hours of the day, when you’re not in the office or onsite, it’s your digital communications that make the connection. Your online, social, digital communications are always available and always searchable. We thrive and deliver award-winning communications programs in the online sphere. We help you stand out online and set the standards. Whether you’re looking to join new social media networks, coordinate the communications on those networks, or have a team to create the online content you need, we’re here to help. And being online is not just about being ‘out there’, it’s about sharing value and connecting with your customers and key audiences through content that matters, informs, and at times, surprises.