Modern Marketing Step 2: Define Your Audience

February 8th, 2011

This week, we’re offering the second step out of five steps to modern marketing.  Last week we covered defining your value, and this week, we’re moving on to defining your audience.

Hint: it’s not everybody.

Even if everybody would buy it, you can’t market to everyone. Trust me, you don’t have a budget big enough and there is no way to be effective at marketing to every single person on the planet. Or even every person in your community.

So start by asking who would be your best customers, the first people in the door. Or if you’ve already started, ask who your happiest customers are. You know more than you think – list out their age, education, geographic location, do they have kids, drive a car or take public transport, do most of them own houses, do most live within a radius of your store, or do most of your customers come from one industry.  List out as many common characteristics as you can. If you want to reinforce this, send out a survey to your happiest or most frequent customers.

Now you may get different groups, different audiences, what then?  Rank them by primary and secondary audiences.  Your primary audience is the group who are most likely to buy or the most likely to create a long-term relationship with you. The secondary audience will still buy your product or service, they’re just a smaller group or need more efforts to make a purchase.  Remember, you have to rank your resources to ensure you get the most for your marketing dollars – spend wisely with the audience most likely to buy.

After you get your audiences more clearly defined, take time now to create a customer map on paper – answer where does this group mainly work, play, pray, shop, socialize, and surf online? (Not sure, send a survey to your customers and ask). You’ll need this info for step 4, but it’s a good idea to map it out while you’re thinking of your customers now.