Modern Marketing Step 3: Create Key Messages

February 15th, 2011

This week, we’re on step three of modern marketing. It’s our short series on the basics of marketing that can help any business or brand assure they’re on track instead of following shiny new objects in the marketing world.  This week?  We’re on to defining key messages, the very core things you want people to know about you, your product or your service.

Your goal here is message transference: what would you want a happy customer to say when people say, well, “who/what’s that?” Now a lot of folks fail at this point because they A) want to convey too much b) use technical language or jargon and 3) they write them as long as the Gettysburg Address. So think of it this way, if one of your customers shared what you do and what the value is, how might they say it?  Or what would you put on the back of your business card? Think short sentences that convey a single point. E.g Let There Be Light, Just Do It, Quality is Job 1.  Now these aren’t all supposed to be taglines, but many of them could be.  But for you, focus on simple, short and action-verb centered on benefits. 

And here’s why simple matters, the goal is message transference. You want your customers to start to use the messages you develop to talk about your business.  And if you can’t remember them, all bets are on that your audience won’t either.